Assessment Evaluation of gaming tax owed by a venue.
Authorisation Permission for a venue to operate a particular gaming machine, or game software.
Central Host Computer The configuration of computers located at DMS to manage the receipt and storage of data from venues.
Centralised Monitoring Accounting System The system utilised by DMS personnel to manage the monitoring, accounting and assessment processes for venues.
Centralised Monitoring System The statewide monitoring system used by DMS to monitor gaming machines in venues.
CHC Central Host Computer.
CMAc Centralised Monitoring Accounting system.
CMS Centralised Monitoring System.
CMS Host Computer The configuration of computers located at DMS to manage the receipt and storage of data from venues.
CMS Site Controller Industrial computer with CMS specific software to manage monitoring processes of individual venues.
CSC CMS Site Controller.
Database A collection of data organised into a schema, to allow organised access.
Department of Gaming and Racing NSW Government Department that controls all racing and gaming activities in the State with the exception of casino operations.
DGR Department of Gaming and Racing.
EGM Electronic Gaming Machine.
Electronic Gaming Machine A generic term used for approved gaming machines.
Equipment Any gaming machine, jackpot equipment, component of the CMS network, peripheral equipment, computing equipment or part of, or replacement part thereof.
Gaming Machine ID A unique identification number allocated to the gaming machine by the Department of Gaming and Racing.
Gaming Machine Interface Card A smart electronic device that records events and gameplay in the machine to which it is connected, and downloads that information to the CMS Site Controller.
GMIC Gaming Machine Interface Card.
GMID Gaming Machine ID.
Hard Meters Electromechanical counters built into the a gaming machine that record turnover, total wins, cash box, cancelled credits, money in, money out, cash in, and cash out.
Hopper A receptacle that holds the coins that are inserted into a gaming machine. When the hopper is full the coin is diverted to the cash box (where fitted).
Hotelier The holder of a Hotelier's Licence.
Hotelier's Licence A licence that subject to the Liquor Act 1982 and the conditions of the licence, authorises the licensee to sell liquor by retail on the licensed premises, whether or not for consumption on those premises, being a licence that is granted as hotelier's licence.
Hub A multi-port connection device enabling components, such as a GMIC, to connect to the network.
Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal An independent body that determines maximum pricing structures for Government agencies and their services. Responsible for the determination of the CMS Monitoring Fee.
IPART Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal.
LAB Liquor Administration Board.
LAN Local Area Network.
Legislation The law under which the CMS operates; applicable Acts and Regulations.
Licensed technician The holder of a Gaming Machine Technician's License.
Liquor Administration Board As constituted by Section 72 of the Liquor Act 1982. The authority charged with governing licences used by venues to keep, use and operate gaming machines.
Local Area Network A data communications network that is geographically limited (typically to a 1 km radius) allowing easy interconnection of terminals, microprocessors and computers within adjacent buildings.
Machine A common use term for a gaming device.
Minister The Minister of Gaming and Racing.
MTGM Multi Terminal Gaming Machine.
Multi Terminal Gaming Machine A device that is designed to be played by more than one player at one time and is equipped with more than one terminal.
Multiple sites More than one gaming venue.
National standards Standards accepted throughout the gaming industry.
Poker machine A device that is designed for the playing of a game of chance, or a game that is partly chance and partly skill and a device that pays out money or tokens, or for registering a right to an amount of money or money's worth to be paid any subsidiary gaming equipment.
Ports 1 - 6 The six ports specified by the Liquor Administration Board for X-Standard gaming machines for external communications with Subsidiary Equipment Interfaces.
Premises A licensed club or hotel.
Progressive Controller A unit of subsidiary equipment designed to provide the functionality of a progressive jackpot system.
Regulations One or more of, but not limited to the Liquor Regulation 1992; Liquor Act 1982; Registered Clubs Act 1976; Registered Clubs Regulation 1996; Gaming Machine Act 2001; Gaming Machines Regulation 2002; Gaming Machine Tax Act.
Regulator The Department of Gaming and Racing.
Router A communications device that forwards data packets between networks. The forwarding decision is based on network layer information and routing tables, often constructed by routing protocols.
SDB Standard Data Block.
Secretary Fore registered clubs is the person who under Section 33 of the Registered Clubs Act 1976 holds an approval of the Licensing Court to act as secretary of that club.
Serial number A manufacturer's identification number consisting of three alpha characters plus a six-digit numeric code. The first alpha character is 'X' followed by a two-character dealer code. A serial number appears as XDDnnnnnn, where nnnnnn is a unique number allocated by the dealer.
Soft meters Electronic meters within the gaming machine or other gaming device that can be cleared by a RAM reset.
Standalone gaming machine A gaming machine that is not electronically connected to a progressive system.
Standard Data Block A standard data block emitted by a gaming machine that complies with the X-Standard protocol.
Technical standard The technical standards for gaming equipment issued by the Liquor Administration Board.
Venue A registered club or hotel in NSW.
WAN Wide Area Network.
Wide Area Network A data communications network that is geographically unlimited (typically larger than 1 km radius) allowing easy interconnection of LANs.
X Standard An approved technical standard that enables data to be delivered by a gaming machine to a set of specified ports on the gaming machine.
X Standard gaming machine A gaming machine that conforms to the technical standards set out in the document 'Technical Standards for Gaming Machines and Subsidiary Equipment in New South Wales', issued by the Liquor Administration Board, and effective as from 1 July 1995.



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25 Jun 2020
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